Border Run

My 90 day tourist visa expires June 25th so I have to leave South Africa! I’m headed out tomorrow morning for the Namibian border with my friend Dan in order to get another 90 day visa stamp. We’re planning on headed up the N7 to the border crossing at Vioolsdrif and continuing onto Fish River Canyon, the 2nd largest canyon after the Grand Canyon. From there we’ll either head into the Namib Desert or turn south towards one of two South African National Parks. I’m absolutely pumped to spend the weekend braaiing (cooking out) and exploring the Namibian wilderness.

In other news, the Land Rover spent the better part of the week back in the shop. I was originally taking her in to get a leak on the transfer case checked out. However, in true Land Rover fashion there were bigger breakdowns to tackle. The guys at British 4×4 suspected a problem with the gearbox, which would have been a serious and costly repair. It ended up just needing a new clutch and a few other parts whose names elude me. Anyway, I’m hoping she holds it together for the long trek into Namibia and back!

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