Bungi, Zimbabwe, and the End of a Great Trip

Today we got up and went to the bank to get money out. John had written up an invoice so things were set to go smooth. When I got to the bank they wouldn’t give me any more then the 5000 USD a week limit. I told them that I had prepared invoices like they requested, but they said they wouldn’t accept them even after having told me that was all I needed. I said what can I do to get money out and this is the response I got …. I need to get an invoice from a company fax it, send it to the bank for authorization. I would also need to get the board of directors to sign a board resolution saying I could let John take funds out when Im gone. Then the bank could wire money to different companies. Sounds like a first rate bank to me.

Later in the day we decided to bungi jump off the bridge overlooking the mighty Zambezi River. The drop is just shy off 400 feet, making it one of the highest bungi jumps in the world. John and a woman we had met earlier that day went first and second. They both looked rather confident as they went flying over the edge of the platform towards the river below …. my experiance was slighty less spectacular. It all started when it was my turn to get harnessed up. Two Africans tie a rope around your ankles and walk you toward the edge of the bridge. The ideal senario is the two men on the platform will count down from 5 and yell bungi at which point you lunge off towards the raging river below!! I did great until we got to ..1 and then I locked my arms around the railing and refused to let go. The two Africans on the platform said I could let go and they would unfasten me. About the time I let go one of them shot his elbow into my back thus propeling me over the ledge and toward the very water I had just avoided. Needless to say I yelled like a little girl … and continued to do so until my lungs ran out of air. I somehow managed to start spinning after I grabbed the rope on my way back up. Now sometime during the experiance I got completed disoriented as to where up and down was. Now somewhere in all this fun I managed to yak some blood onto my shirt. The winch was broken that day so an African zipped down a rope and hauled me back to the top where John and the girl were laughing at my misfortune. All in all … great experience!

We also went to Zimbabwe and met with Richard of savanna Wood. He runs a similar operation to Kubu Craft but focuses only on furniture. He gave us a tour of the factory and explained bulk discounts, ect. I think John is going to pick up some things from their Joberg store. The falls from the Zimbabwe side were amazing. It offered a totally different view of the falls and gorge below. Anyways, Wednesday was one of the best days of the trip for me. I am taking off at aournd 3pm today from Livingstone International Airport. Once I get to Joberg I will put up exact flight times, if for no other reason than to get picked up at the airport. (Not that I lack confidence in my family, but seriously I don’t want to just sit there)

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  1. curtis says:

    Try to call me on Skype before you leave.CW

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