By the Numbers

Now that I’ve had a couple days to reflect on the journey that brought me to Cape Town (yes .. spoiler alert .. I made it alive), I wanted to share a few stats that capture some of the story.

Miles driven in LR: 3,887 miles
Miles driven by bus: 167 miles
Miles driven by taxis: unknown
Miles flown: 8,457 miles
Countries visited: 6
New countries visited: 3
Countries visited apart of ‘Arab Spring’: 1
Countries with British colonial legacy: 4
Countries with German colonial legacy: 3
Number of different official languages in 6 countries visited: 13
Most official languages in any single country visited: 11
Total US foreign aid to countries visited: $ 3,972,000,000 (2010 data)
Land Rover breakdowns: 2
My average speed: 90 kph
Average speed of everybody else: 140 kph
Speeding tickets: 2
Bribes: 1
Longest border crossing: 7 hours
Most expensive accommodation: 115 USD
Least expensive accommodation: 13 USD

*Credit for ‘by the numbers’ idea: Richard Stupart

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