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Revised Cape Town Top 10

It’s been roughly two months since I first counted down my favorite 10 things about Cape Town. I’ve got to knock out quite a bit of exploring and some old favorites have grown on me while others hold less appeal than before … Here’s the fallout: No longer ranked: Hillsong Church, Robben Island, Greenpoint Common, Land Rover sightings, […]

Interesting Blog Stats

I’ve updated the Top 5 Countries as I had pulled data from only a limited time range on the initial posting.I wanted to share some interesting blog stats provided by Google Analytics. Top 5 Countries by No. Visits to Site: United States South Africa Russia United Kingdom Canada Top 5 States by No. Visits to […]

Web Links

Just wanted to share 2 websites showing off incredible Cape Town …Offical Cape Tourism Site National Geographic – Digital Nomand (Andrew Evans)

5 Things on My Cape Town To Do List

I’ve had the opportunity to hit some of the best sights in Cape Town since moving here. However, everyday I learn about 10 new places or events I’m supposed to checkout. Here are the top five on my list: 1) Township TourAfrican townships were originally setup to provide labor for the white population in Cape […]

My Cape Town Top 10

I’m counting down my favorite 10 things about Cape Town thus far. While this list is likely to change as I get to explore more of the city, first impressions are everything, right? 10) Robben Island Nelson Mandela’s island prison and ground zero in the apartheid struggle. Robben Island was one of the first tourist […]

By the Numbers

Now that I’ve had a couple days to reflect on the journey that brought me to Cape Town (yes .. spoiler alert .. I made it alive), I wanted to share a few stats that capture some of the story. Miles driven in LR: 3,887 milesMiles driven by bus: 167 milesMiles driven by taxis: unknownMiles […]


A quick preemptive note before launching into my first post from the road … I know I’ve done a woefully inadequate job of posting updates or in fact anything. I can pass some of the blame on bad Internet / no Internet connections, but I must admit some of it is pure selfishness. I have often […]