Dawn of a New Year in The Cape

It felt as if it had been far longer than 2 months as I drove back into Cape Town from the airport. I caught a ride with my friend Bruce James back to my flat where everything was just as I had left it. I managed a shower and nothing more before falling asleep for the remainder of the day. Going to the grocery the following day brought the realization that I was back in South Africa and far from home where I had spent the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

I’ve managed to take advantage of the amazing weather the southern hemisphere is enjoying by going to the beach (Clifton No. 2) and trying to get some color to my pasty white skin. It was my friend Dan’s birthday over the weekend so we celebrated Saturday by going to Fat Cactus in the gardens and then wine tasting the following day at Vrede en Lust (Peace and Passion) Wine Estate. Perhaps Sunday was my favorite day back so far as I got back to Common Ground Church to see everybody.




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