Home sweet Home

June 5th- 11:40 pm

I finally arrived at my second home, africa. It has been the greatest day! God once again provided on my plane. First, five old Whalesh men sat in front of me but pretty much were turned around about half of the time! They were coming to SA for two weeks to watch rugby. I was fully entertained by there drunkness and their mouths that did not have a filter! Secondly, to my left was a 70year scottish woman who has lived in SA for the last 50 years. Her daughter is doing literacy work with adults all over southern Africa. She was lovely! And lastly, I sat by a 36 year old, talked way to much, four children, from LA, and a missionary! She was incridible! Her and her husband have been all over the world, but right now are trying to start an orphan and widow thing in Zimbabwee. Very interesting. She had just been in Irerland working with a minstries to come there and help!

The people I meet have been so great! Especially the whelesh!!! I want to go visit Whales now, except they said it rains alot, so many now. But Both the ladies invited me to stay with them. They seemed a bit concerned about my age. But overall, traveling is wonderful! I am at the Airport grand right now and will leave at 730 in the morning to head back to the airport! I talked to mom and dad on the phone, I think that releived some nerves…

Anytime, I am worried, I rememeber GOd is my shelter and my strong hold.

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