A quick preemptive note before launching into my first post from the road … I know I’ve done a woefully inadequate job of posting updates or in fact anything. I can pass some of the blame on bad Internet / no Internet connections, but I must admit some of it is pure selfishness. I have often got to my destination late and wouldn’t feel like drafting up a post.Instead of posting a whirlwind account of the past couple weeks, I’m going to simply pubish my route thus far and my tentative itinerary with the promise that I’ll begin playing catch up on prior days happening here soon.

1/19 Memphis -> New York
1/20 New York
1/21 New York
1/22  New York -> Cairo, Egypt
1/23 Cairo, Egypt
1/24 Cairo, Egypt -> Nairobi, Kenya
1/25 Nairobi, Kenya -> Arusha, Tanzania
1/26 Arusha, Tanzania -> Singida, Tanzania
1/27 Singida, Tanzania -> Morogoro, Tanzania
1/28 Morogoro, Tanzania -> Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
1/29 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania -> Iringa, Tanzania
1/30 Iringa, Tanzania -> Mbeya, Tanzania
1/31 Mbeya, Tanzania -> S. of Isoka, Zambia
2/1 S. of Isoka, Zambia -> Lusaka
2/2 Lusaka
2/3 Lusaka, Zambia -> Livingstone, Zambia
2/4 Livingstone, Zambia -> Sesheke, Zambia
2/5 Sesheke, Zambia -> Divundu, Namibia
2/6  Divundu, Namiba -> Groofontien, Namibia


2/7 Groofontien, Namibia -> Swakopmund, Namibia
2/8 Swakopmund, Namibia -> Windhoek, Namibia
2/9 Windhoek, Namibia -> Keetmanshoop, Namibia
2/10  Keetmanshoop, Namibia -> Springbox, South Africa
2/11 Springbox, South Africa -> Cape Town, South Africa

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