My Cape Town Top 10

I’m counting down my favorite 10 things about Cape Town thus far. While this list is likely to change as I get to explore more of the city, first impressions are everything, right?

10) Robben Island
Nelson Mandela’s island prison and ground zero in the apartheid struggle. Robben Island was one of the first tourist places I visited. While I found the experience informative and at times engaging, it didn’t quite live up to the expectations I developed from people telling me about it.
9) Land Rover sightings
I undoubtably have a slight obsession with these quirky British creatures and they are everywhere in Cape Town.
8) Greenpoint Common
I went on my first run today with Atlantic Athletic Club and we ran through the Greenpoint Common. It’s a well maintained urban park just down Beach Rd from my flat.
7) V&A Waterfront
The V&A Waterfront contains several attractions including a aquarium, boat harbor, and shopping mall. Taken together it’s quite a slight and a great way to spend the day.
6) Sea Point Swimming Pool
Much more than a swimming pool. The Sea Point Pool is actually comprised of several pools including a diving pool and olympic size swimming pool. Perched directly above the beach, it’s been said this pool has one of the best views in the world.
5) Sea Point Beach Promenade
This scenic promenade is the ideal place for a run/walk with great views of the ocean and the upscale buildings along beach road.
4) Hillsong Church
While not a true attraction by any sense, this church has been a great way to meet people and get plugged in.
3) Chapman’s Peak (M6)
This scenic drive linking the Atlantic Seaboard to the Southern Peninsula is absolutely incredible. With a combination of cliff hugging turns and ocean views, this drive ins’t to be missed.
2) Table Mountain
The dominating feature of Cape Town and no. 1 tourist attraction. This mountain range got its’ name from the Dutch due to its’ flat top. The views of the mountain from anywhere in the city are incredible and the views from the top of the mountain even better.
1) The penguins of Bolder Beach
You wouldn’t think a small flightless bird would be cause for celebration, but these well dressed fellows are the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Slightly different than their South Pole cousins, these guys strut up and down the boulders near Simon’s Town.

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