Nairobi to Jo’ berg to Memphis

July 3 thru the 4th
Curtis Wegener

We stayed in downtown Nairobi last night and if the signs all over the hotel are to be believed, you don’t want to go outside at anytime day or night in Nairobery. So we stayed put and got to the airport three hours early, and that wasn’t a moment to soon. David’s ticket became a bigger and bigger problem as the clock ticked closer to departure time. But After I agreed to buy supper for the station manager and his wife, all was well and a new ticket appeared. TIA But just in case anyone thought that I was being a bad influence on the children, I made sure that they didn’t take this opportunity to buy hard liqueur and bring it into the states, I took care of that by having each one use their 2 bottle quota to bring in good whiskey for me. Which the airline quickly broke three. So I only got home with 7 but hopefully that will last until the next trip.
We spent one night in Jo’berg and had the best meal of the trip, big steaks and real potatoes. It was great to have a Tee Bone. We got on the plane to New York with plenty of time to spare, two hours. This of course explains why seven of our nine bags didn’t make it to New York with us. But the airline seems to know where their are, so maybe in the coming years our bags will show up in Memphis. We will see. TIA.

It was great to get home and see everyone. The reception at the airport was over the top, and speaking for all of us, Africa is the best, but it is very very good to be home in Memphis.

Curtis Wegener


While I have enjoyed taking kids to Africa and going my self, I have to take the time to thank my very considerate wife, Pat, for being one sweet person.

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