Revised Cape Town Top 10

It’s been roughly two months since I first counted down my favorite 10 things about Cape Town. I’ve got to knock out quite a bit of exploring and some old favorites have grown on me while others hold less appeal than before … Here’s the fallout:

No longer ranked:
Hillsong Church, Robben Island, Greenpoint Common, Land Rover sightings, V&A Waterfront
10) Sea Point Swimming Pool (Prior Ranking: 6)
It’s winter in the southern hemisphere so a swimming pool loses most of it’s appeal. However, now that I’ve decided on completing an Ironman 70.3, the pool will likely be ground zero for my swim training once spring rolls around keeping the pool in my top 10.
9) Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (Prior Ranking: NR)
I’m not normally one to be taken with flora and fauna, but this massive botanical gardens is one of the best looking places I’ve ever seen. Situated on the opposite side of Table Mountain as the City Bowl, these gardens seem to stretch out forever making for a great day of wandering about.
8) Old Biscuit Mill (Prior Ranking: NR)
Old Biscuit Mill is one of the better neighborhood markets I’ve ever been to. On my first visit, I managed to spend hours just walking around the market trying to pick out what to purchase first. I’ve been back several times since and always managed to find a new stall to try out.
7) Cape Point (Prior Ranking: NR)
Cape Point is the southern most tip of the African continent. Besides having great views and dozens of picture taking opportunities, Cape Point offers quite a bit of history. A little out of the way but worth making a day of.
6) Common Ground Church (Prior Ranking: NR)
Common Ground Church has become my home church in Cape Town. Check out my prior entry on finding a church in a new city.
5) Sea Point Beach Promenade (Prior Ranking: 5)
The promenade has maintained a top spot on the list. I typically run along this beach route twice a week and feel like the luckiest guy in the world each time.
4) Chapman’s Peak (M6) (Prior Ranking: 3)

This scenic drive linking the Atlantic Seaboard to the Southern Peninsula is absolutely incredible. With a combination of cliff hugging turns and ocean views, this drive ins’t to be missed.
3) Lion’s Head (Prior Ranking: NR)
I have no idea how Lion’s Head eluded my initial top 10 list. The extension of Table Mt. is visable from my flat and makes up the dominate feature of the Sea Point skyline. I’ve hiked to the summit of Lion’s Head and the views from the top are incredible! I’m looking forward to hiking it on a full moon, a pilgrimage made by hundreds of Capetonians.
2) The penguins of Bolder Beach (Prior Ranking: 1)
It was a tough call booting these guys from the top spot. Just about everybody who has talked to me knows I’ve obsessed with these small flightless birds. I’ve been to hangout with them twice and can’t wait to take the family to go visit them when they come in July.
1) Table Mountain (Prior Ranking: 2)
This mountain range has captivated me from the moment I pulled into Cape Town in early February. What makes Table Mt. truly special is that it continually grows on you. Each day it seems I catch a glimpse of the mountain from a new vantage point or perspective. Couple that with the incredible night views and my new found love of running on the mountain at night has moved it squarely into the no. 1 spot.

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