The past weekend I made a trek to Riebeek-Kasteel with Anomien, Michael, and Stephenie. The town is one of the oldest in South Africa and was described by Wikipedia as the Franschhoek of 15 years ago. It was an hours drive up the scenic N7, the same highway the epic Namibian adventure was launched from.
Anomien had made reservations at Bar Bar Black Sheep for lunch, but on arrival we pushed out our reservations in order to do a bit of exploring. We did a bit of wine tasting in a quirky little wine shop next to the restaurant. The shop was owed by very interesting fellow who at one point led us to his wine making shed (adjacent the store) where he proceeded to use his month to siphon wine from a plastic tank into a nearby glass for tasting. I hope the alcohol killed the worst of whatever was in the glass.
Lunch at Bar Bar Black Sheep was quaint and well enjoyed. We spent the remainder of the day after lunch walking around the town before ending with a tea on the stoop (porch) at South African’s oldest hotel, The Royal Hotel. All in all a great trip to one of the Western Cape’s less known destinations.

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