So this is Africa.

We are back in Livingstone as of 4 minutes ago. We started the morrning by picking up the 4Runner from Jerome. He also gave us some Interpol papers and Zambian Police forms. The papers will allow us to us the truck until the ownership trans. papers go through. They also allow us to cross borders as long as we are in transit. Then we went to Camila Furniture where we picked up a few things made of the railroad sleepers. ( 2 Mirrors, 2 framed cloth pieces ) The total cost was 2084 USD. Then we headed for Livingstone. The drive is aweful when you have to drive the entire way. Anyways, John and I were both pulled over (seperate times). The cops wanted John to bribe them but he did not. The horn was the problem when I got pulled over. It wouldn’t blow and the cops were freaking out. In eyesight of me pulled over there were childern starving. So they had thier priorities straight at least. Tomorrow we are bungee jumping and going to Zimbabwe to check out what curios are there. Should be one of the best days of the trip. While I am here we will also get the shona stone from Joesph and pack the container for shippment. I think when I leave, John will be in get shape to get the container moving to Joberg. Pictures are comming I promise. They just take forever to load, and we have not stopped moving recently. I will def put bungee pictures up. When I am in the airport Thur and Friday I should get a lot posted. My family took a family trip to ATL without me. Just wanted to put that out there. They also gave away my room to church interns. People show love in different ways, I guess thats my families way. Oh I almost forgot … We meet with the Export Board in Lusaka. That went great. Our company prob will qualify for the new ModZones they are currently working on and one of the people their is the government rep for the different crafts associations. Acctually he works on a EU sponsored program, but the description I gave is about accurate as far as he does act as a rep for the different associations. We never got a chance to meet with SDV but I don’t care if they get paid. They are a joke. More on that latter. We went to a Rotary Club Meeting last night. They are always something different to do and everybody is always nice.

Post Script
I have been offered blood diamonds twice this trip.
I have been offered counterfit USD too many times to count.
I have been offered other currencies and gems too many times to count.

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