The Land of ZA

As you’ve surely noticed, I’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus from blogging since the family departed roughly 2 months ago. After their departure, life pretty much returned to normal. I got back into my routine and have busily been going about life here in Cape Town.

As apart of operation IRON MAN 70.3, I’ve taken on my first three road races. The first was the Atlantis 15K, the second was the Satori Camel Run 16K, and the third was a 10K in Grassy Park. For the Atlantis run the running club met next to the Cape Town Stadium to carpool to Atlantis, which is roughly 40 minutes up the Cape West Coast. Despite it’s charming name invoking the sunken city (or the frequently advertised resort), Atlantis was a decrepit hell hole. We alternated running through industrial districts and low income neighborhoods. Upside … Everybody along the route was incredibly friendly and they served Coke Cola at the refreshment stations. I managed a respectable time and was glad to have survived my first long distance race. The Satori Camel Run was in the idyllic village of Noordhoek just down the M3 past Constantina. The run took us through vineyards, alpaca farms, and along the beach. Afterwards, we all we and had breakfast at Cafe Roux in the Noordhoek Village. I was talked into the 10K in Grassy Park because they were giving away ‘sheilds’ to those who finished sub-60:00. Well I managed to finish in 55:01 and was throughly disappointed that the shield was a little block of masonite with a sticker fixed to the front of it. I’m going for my first 21K (Half Marathon) just before heading back to the States if my knees and hamstrings cooporate and heal up properly in time.

Well I’m pumped about this upcoming weekend. Drew, Polly, Anomien, and myself are headed to Matroosberg (just outside Ceres if your looking on Google Maps) to go camping. Matroosberg has hiking and mountain biking trails as well as a 4×4 trail that I’ll be hard pressed not to take the Land Rover on!


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