Thoughts on a Year

The first year of my life in Cape Town is drawing to a close. This coming Monday I board the first of three flights bound for Memphis.

It’s truly been an incredible year to look back on. I started the year by finishing my last few days at Cummins then finally departing for Africa. In the middle there was my first meeting repersenting my new company in Denver, CO and lots of goodbyes. I arrived at New York for the first time full of annticipation for the upcomming year and the uncertainly it brought. It didin’t take long for my first adventure as I landed in Eygpt on the one year anniversary of the Tahair Square. Then came the epic trek from Kenya through Tanzania, Zambia, and Namibia to South Africa.

I still very distinctly remember coming down the N7 highway into Cape Town for the first time. I didn’t know a single person nor have any clue where I was going to lay my head for the night. I had something like 2 weeks to find a place to live and get settled before flying back for weddings in the States.

Sometime during March came the realization that I actually lived here. I remember meeting my first friend at Hillsong during the Easter service. Her name was Emily Beauchemin and she would later be the one to recommend I try Common Ground Church, which has become such a big part of my life here. I went to my first small group that next week and met everyone that would become some of my best friends here. Around that same time I pitched up at Hamilton’s Rugby Club for the first time for AAC running club. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I ran with the main group as opposed to the penguin group and about killed myself.

Now small group is a  fixture every Wednesday. It’s those friends I’ve so enjoyed having over for dinner, trekking around Matroosberg, and enjoying post work drinks with. After nearly dying on my first run with AAC, I just finished my first half marathon last weekend. I’ve enjoyed everything from training runs to post race breakfasts with these guys.

A year on and I’m still captivated by Cape Town. Living here has changed my perspective on the world and I feel it may take another year to be able to articulate that change on paper. It’s been a year filled with making new friends and great conversations on the issues affecting this continenet. It’s also been a long year spent far from anything familar and that has surely taken a toll on morale.

Looking forward I can honestly say I have no idea what 2013 will hold. I’m applying for graduate schools but have no idea if I would attend if accepted.

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