Why Did I Move Here?

I’ve realized I’ve never blogged about why exactly I moved to Cape Town. Unfortunately, looking back at those reasons involve sorting through the revisionist history we all create for ourselves. If you asked me now why I moved here, I would answer to start a business. In fact, my original plans wasn’t to move here at all. I had heard about people trekking the continent from Cape to Cairo and I immediately wanted to follow suit. The idea was to take a year sabbatical from work and life Stateside to explore Africa via a George Mallory type rationale … because it’s there.Somewhere in planning stages my father spoke to Grant Anderson of Expedition Gear about outfitting the Land Rover we had in Tanzania for the journey. He had done several projects for National Geographic so who better to entrust the Landy. That slowly morphed from outfitting the Landy to a business opportunity over the course of several weeks.At first I was a little hesitant to drop the idea for a trans-continental trek for another job. However, I loved the idea of working and playing in South Africa. The idea eventually took root and here I am … in wonderful South Africa.-gw

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